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the ear is a very complex part of the body and listening to things is a very basic skill but is very important when it comes to learning more and building the person you are. the sound listening corporation has software that is easy to use and comes with quality air and bone conduction headsets which can be used on any computer running windows xp.

the sound listening corporation helps academics through listening and many other aspects, which are needed in life. the program is only from 30 to 90 hours long and if there are still difficulties extended programs are available. listening academics is a way to help build the sense of hearing through a series of listening programs using the patented enlisten® software.

there are so many benefits to listening academics not only in mind but also body through physical activities such as sport some of the benefits gained from the specialized program include:

listening & language learning

misinterpretation of questions short attention span

requests frequent need for repetition lack of creativity

flat and monotonous voice distractibility

dislikes or does not hear own voice difficulty planning and organizing

poor sentence structure

confusion or reversal of letters

poor reading comprehension

poor reading aloud

personal growth

tendency toward misery

being a victim

feeling overburdened with everyday tasks

low tolerance for frustration

poor self-confidence


two other categories in which listening academics can be used through the sound listening corporations program are music and rhythm and foreign languages.

if you are a teacher, a sports coach, a musician, psychologist or even a therapist then you can expand your practice by offering listening academics training. you will be trained and sent through three hands-on courses in which you learn different ways to motivate your clients, students or team as well as be able to communicate with them on a higher level. you do however have to have certain requirements to go through this training but all of this can be found online.

the sound listening corporation was founded in phoenix, arizona by billie thompson a ph.d. who has worked in the field of sound listening training and listening academics for many years. she founded and directed many listening centers all of which were very successful and helped people succeed through listening academics. the corporation provides individualized sound stimulation listening programs for children and adults, which will change your life.

some of the testimonials will make the software speak for it self as many of our clients are delighted with the progress they have made most of which involving children. it helps them to learn how to talk and read much faster as well as improving their academics at school.

all this and so much more can be found at do yourself and your ears a favor by visiting a listening center today. you can contact the sound listening corporation by phoning 602-381-0086 or fax 602-870-8353 or if you wish to you can fill out the contact form online and they will get back to you as soon as possible.



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